How to enable video calling on Android Telegram

Telegram is an instant messaging application that has quite a lot of users too. Yes, although it is not as famous as its competitor WhatsApp, but as we know, the features in Telegram are far superior. Unfortunately, Telegram does not yet have this function Videos Call. But take it easy, loyal Telegram users to you. Here the author will give a trick on how to activate Videos Call in the Telegram app.

Together with the rapid development of the world of technology, it is easier for people to communicate from a distance in today’s digital age. If we used to only know SMS and phone, now everyone is switching to applications Chat. use Chat has its advantages over SMS.

For example functions voice Note and also Videos Call. It is therefore not surprising that some people prefer to use applications Chat communicate. Also at this point in time the application Chat has become a necessity that everyone must possess.

When it comes to applications Chat There are currently two applications that are very popular, namely WhatsApp and Telegram. Yes, both have their own advantages. But unfortunately functions Videos Call So far it was not available in the Telegram application.

As a user, however, you don’t have to worry because this time the author will reveal a trick on how to activate the feature Videos Call on telegram. to Tutorials complete, just check out the steps below.

Video tutorials:


1. First step, download and To install free vidogram app first.

2. In the second step, open the Vidogram application that you have To install. Select the language you want to use, then Tap START CHAT.

3. Third step, type in or. a Sign up to Vidogram with the same mobile number that you use in your Telegram account. If you have given the application access permissions to access files and contacts on the device.

4. In the fourth step, select a contact who should be contacted later Tap symbol Videos Call in the top corner. Continue on the vidogram screen Call Tap the video call icon who is down to start communicating? Videos Call.

5. You can do the fifth step, to switch from the front camera to the rear camera, directly Tap symbol Camera in the lower right corner.

This is the tutorial for activating the feature Video call on Telegram Android. Much luck.

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