How to enable the Temporary Message feature in WhatsApp

Who doesn’t have a WhatsApp chat application in the digital age? Yes, WhatsApp is the most used chat application by the world community compared to other chat applications. This is inextricably linked to WhatsApp’s habit of always welcoming its users with the latest features that other chat applications, of course, don’t yet have.

Temporary message function

In the last half of 2022, WhatsApp introduced several new features. One of them is the temporary messaging feature. For those who have just heard about this feature, they may still be confused about what is meant by the temporary messaging feature. The temporary message feature is nothing more than the auto-delete message feature.

As is well known, in the WhatsApp application, messages are stored in tens to hundreds of messages. The message is the result of one-on-one or group conversations. Before this feature, users could delete messages by blocking messages and clicking the delete icon. But that is impractical and takes a long time. In addition, users can also click the three-dot icon, select others, and delete the message. However, since there is no auto-delete feature, users often have to do it.

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In contrast to the previous function for deleting messages, if the temporary messaging function is activated, the message that was just sent in the chat is automatically deleted after 7 days. This feature has no effect on incoming or outgoing messages. Users can enable the temporary message feature in individual chats. But only administrators can activate this function for groups.

Before enabling this feature, it is important that users back up chats using media prepared by WhatsApp, namely Google Drive. Make sure that automatic downloads are turned on to protect your submitted files (e.g. photos, recordings, or documents).


1. First update the WhatsApp application to the latest version. After that, just open the WhatsApp application. Select the chat for which you want to enable temporary messaging. After opening the chat, click the profile icon above the chat field.

How to enable the Temporary Messages feature in WhatsApp

2. The message function is still inactive. Just click on Features Temporary order. Select Learn more. WhatsApp directs users to the browser application to explain what is meant by the temporary messaging feature and how to use this feature. When you are done reading, open the WhatsApp application again.

How to enable the Temporary Messages feature in WhatsApp

3. When you return to the WhatsApp application, the application will display a temporary news page. click At to enable the temporary message function. After that, WhatsApp gives a notification that the temporary messaging function has been activated. Proceed as described above to activate the function for temporary messages in other chats and groups. Complete.

How to enable the Temporary Messages feature in WhatsApp


In addition, the chat looks tidier, activating this function also reduces the memory consumption on the smartphone. There are just a few steps as described above, WhatsApp users can easily activate this feature in individual or group chats.

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