How to enable the history navigation gesture on Chrome Android

Which is better, Google Chrome or another browser? In fact, Google Chrome has many advantages over other browsers. There are so many useful hidden features that you might not be aware of. One of them is History navigation gesture. So what is it History navigation gesture and how do you activate it ??

Browsing or exploring the virtual world has become an activity that we do almost every day. Both parents and young children perform these activities with the devices they need to get information.

As we know today, there are many browser applications that we can use to meet our browsing needs. Of the many applications, users are free to choose and which browser is better to use. One of them is Google Chrome.

This browser has other advantages over other browsers. Starting with the appearance and also with the functions. Well, recently, Chrome released a new feature, namely History navigation gesture. This feature helps us go back too story previous web only with Gestures or touch. How can you activate this function then? Here is the full review.

Video tutorials:


1. Open the Google Chrome application directly and enter “chrome: // flags” in the search field. Then, in the Chrome flag search box, type “History navigation“.

2. On the menu History navigation tap on Standard and choose to be activated.

3. Select menu Restart now After that, try opening some websites, then swiping your finger across the screen from left to right. If a blue arrow appears, it means you have been successfully activated Navigational gestures in history.

This is the tutorial on how to activate it History navigation gesture on Chrome-Android. Hope it’s useful.

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