How to enable the Ephemeral tab in Chrome Android

Who doesn’t know Google Chrome? Almost all Internet users, whether on the PC or online Smartphone must often find Browser This one here. Chrome itself has many features, and you should know by now that Chrome supports them ephemeral tab. What’s this ephemeral tab and how do you activate it?

When we ask the application Browser what is popular or is often used in Smartphone especially Android, maybe we will agree to answer Google Chrome as the flagship. Where? use Browser made by Google continues to offer updates and interesting functions to enable a better surfing experience in cyberspace.

It’s no wonder that Chrome has a foreign website as that Browser most commonly used by users for both pc and for Smartphone. Well, after an update some time ago, it turns out that Chrome has a hidden feature built in, namely the feature ephemeral tab. This feature is used to make it easier for users to preview the page via a link or an image.

This makes it easier for us to find out about the content of the website that we are going to open in advance. How can you activate this function then? Let’s see Tutorialsthe following.

Video tutorials:


1. Open the Google Chrome application directly and enter “chrome: // flags” in the search field. Next, if you went to the Chrome test menu, Tap in the search box and enter “Ephemeral Tab”.

2. When the menu Volatile Tab was found more Tap stud Originally and change to activated. Next Tap stud Restart now.

3. Immediately try to search or seek everything in google chrome then Tap and hold on shortcut you want to open, a new menu will appear, namely Page Preview. Tap the menu to open preview Page before going straight to a website or shortcut.

This is the tutorial on how to activate it ephemeral tab on Chrome-Android. Hope it’s useful.

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