How to enable the Dark Mode feature on Chrome Android

Google Chrome is Browser the most widely used by netizens in the world. Both on the web and in applications, Chrome is always the first choice because it has a multitude of interesting features that can be used by its users.

Speaking of functional issues, did you know that Chrome already has Android features? dark mode for web content? Dark mode for web content is a feature that allows users to switch to dark mode. So this feature allows users to darken any websites that are currently open.

To activate the function dark mode for web content, you have to make settings in Chrome flags First. Chrome flags is a hidden setting that we can use to improve the Chrome browser.

If you are interested in activation dark mode for web content, please refer to the tutorial below.


1. Open Google Chrome Smartphone She.

2. Please enter in the address bar chrome: // flags

3. In the box Search flags, Type Dark mode and choose Android web content dark mode.

4. Change Originally Will activated. Then tap restart now.

5. Features dark mode for web content successfully activated.

6. Now go to the site you want to visit and see the difference. Here is an example of the before and after difference dark mode for web content activated.

7. Done.

This is the tutorial for activating the feature Dark mode on Chrome-Android. Hope it’s useful.

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