How to enable the combo emoji feature on Gboard

Tired of the usual emojis? You have to try the new feature from Google keyboard ie emoji combination. How to use and activate the function directly, check below.

Before coming Smartphone with functions Touch screen, used to be very popular Smartphone with a physical keyboard. But the development of time and technology, the more here the more developer Smartphone begins to end the era keyboard and replace it with a touchscreen or virtual keyboard. It can be seen that almost all navigation and activities in Smartphone rely on the touch of a finger.

keyboard in Smartphone is one of the most important components. Like not, anything that has to do with typing requires keyboard.

We all know Originally, every smartphone today must have been equipped with an application keyboard. The functions of this keyboard also vary, some can change themes, type by voice, and many others.

Google keyboard

Internet giant Google has also launched a product keyboard that is, Gboard or Google keyboard. The advantage of this Gboard is that it is integrated with Google search. This Gboard makes it easy for users to get information directly from. to find keyboard, also looks for pictures and gifs and brings it up Emoji – Emoji which is interesting. Currently, Gboard is introducing a new feature in its application, namely: Emoticon Combination or Emoji combination.

Combination emojis

This emoji combo is an interesting feature that lets you display a new emoji by combining 2 different emoji. While not all emojis can be combined, this feature is worth a try. Interested in trying it out? Follow the steps below.

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Video tutorials


1. First of all, you need to go to the Google Play application first and then search for the Google Keyboard application. Download and To install If you don’t have it, then you are Scroll join the program at the bottom beta.

2. Go to Settings or Preferences Smartphone you then Tap on the menu Additional settings then Tap again language and input.

3rd Tap on the menu Set the keyboard, then enable Gboard (Google Keyboard) after selecting the menu settings.

4. Select the Settings menu and then activate the following 4 buttons:

  • Emoji button
  • Symbol keyboard
  • Emoji search
  • Emoji quick access

5. Open the app Chat or other messages and see examples of combinations Emoticonit’s like below.


This combination emoji does activities Chat to make it more fun, we can send Emoji – Emoji new from the mix Emoticon usually. What is more interesting Emoticon You can submit this in almost all applications.

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