How to enable restricted mode on Youtube Android

Youtube is a video sharing site with users that has reached billions of people. The site created in 2005 has now grown into a large site that is very often visited by people. Not only adults, children to parents, often watch videos on YouTube.

However, there is a problem with Youtube, namely the variety of content on Youtube. Starting with entertainment content, music, even adult content. Of course, the presence of adult content on Youtube makes parents or adults wary of their children when surfing on Youtube.

In fact, there are now Youtube kids who can do that filter Content for adults and children. However, not everyone uses the Youtube Kids application. Well, one of the best ways to block adult content on Youtube is to enable restricted mode.

So if you activate the restricted mode on Youtube, you will of course enjoy friendlier content on the Youtube homepage. However, you may be confused about how to enable restricted mode on youtube application? Don’t worry, Inwepo has a full tutorial on how to enable Restricted Mode.

How to enable restricted mode for adult content filters on youtube android app.


1. Open the Youtube application on your Android, or download Youtube app in the playstore.

2. Log into your account on the Youtube homepage by pressing the circular profile in the top right corner.

3. Then choose settings.

4. Then exit the new menu and select Generally.

5. Scroll down until you see Restricted Mode, press Restricted Mode until the menu scrolls right and turns blue.

6. Return to the home page and start anew Your Youtube homepage.

7. Enjoy more Youtube content familyfriendly.

This is a tutorial on how to enable restricted mode on Youtube Android. Hope it’s useful.

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