How to enable passive tab mode in Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is currently one Web browser which is most in demand by computer users lately, which is certainly in competition too Web browser what was popular before is Google Chrome. Application from Microsoft that was called earlier Internet Explorer, where was that time Browser it is classified as very slow and has user interface which is not good. So that a new application finally appears as a replacement Internet Explorer This is Microsoft Edge.

At first glance, this application looks almost similar to Google Chrome. However, according to the author’s observations, there is an advantage in that Microsoft Edge when compared to Google Chrome, ie less use of the storage capacity of the device.

Basically, the available RAM memory capacity is of course used when executing / opening an application. The greater the capacity used, the higher the processing speed of the overall performance of your computer.

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Enable passive tab mode in Microsoft Edge

Like recently. Microsoft Edge a new feature added, namely the passive tab function. The presence of this feature allows the application to automatically and temporarily disable tabs Browser which has not been used / opened for a long time.

The goal can not only reduce the capacity of ongoing RAM usage but also reduce battery power consumption (if you are using a laptop device). In this tutorial, we are going to show you how to enable passive tab mode on Android Microsoft Edge browser.

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Although very simple, this feature has a function that greatly affects the performance of your computer or laptop. One of them is that it can save the power consumption of laptops.


1. Open the app Microsoft edge on your device. After going to the main page, select the icon with the three dots in the upper right corner

How to enable passive tab mode in Microsoft Edge

2. Next, select the Settings menu. Then, on the Settings tab, select the System menu

How to enable passive tab mode in Microsoft Edge

3. One tab System menu, select the setting “Save resources”. At this point, activate the setting in the “Energy saving with passive tab” menu. You can also set the required time beforehand Browser tabs become inactive (e.g. Browser tabs becomes inactive if not opened or accessed for 30 minutes)

How to enable passive tab mode in Microsoft Edge

4. The results can be seen in the following figure (tab the dark shows tab which is temporarily deactivated)

How to enable passive tab mode in Microsoft Edge


Therefore, in addition to this feature, this tutorial is very suitable for those of you who have a laptop device with a not too large RAM storage capacity. So when opening Web browser This does not use too much storage capacity. So it doesn’t affect performance multitasking from your laptop device. Hope it’s useful.

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