How to enable off-screen gestures on HP Realme

The rapid development of technology and various innovations in the world Smartphone This makes this device the most popular device for performing daily activities. Various activities can of course be carried out with the help Smartphones, whether it is productive or entertainment.

Also on Smartphones The latest version of course has a variety of interesting features embedded in it. The variety of features available ranges from features that can make work easier to features that allow us to customize our HP devices to suit the style and desires of users. This, of course, is aimed at the user Smartphone Do not get bored with the monotonous appearance of the device and adapt to the habits of its users when using an HP device.

Gesture functions

One of the functions that was developed and often used by multiple users Smartphone brands The gesture function is well known. The existence of this gesture function can make it easier for us to enter tasks on the device Smartphone weather. For example, if we want to turn on the flashlight (Flashlights), Turn off the music to open the camera device. So it can be compared that this gesture function connections when we want to enter the task input into the device Smartphones.

Not only is this gesture feature easy to use, it can also be customized to suit your needs. It is for this reason that the author is taking this opportunity to provide a tutorial on customizing the off-screen gesture feature on a Realme phone. The steps can be seen as follows:


1. Switch on the device Smartphone She. In this case, select the Settings menu.

2. From the Settings menu, select the Multipurpose Tools menu. In the next step, select the “Gestures and Gestures” menu.

3. In the Gestures and Gestures menu, select the “Screen from Gestures” submenu. In the off-screen gesture settings there are 4 basic setting options.

  • Double tap to turn on the screen
  • Draw O to start the camera
  • Draw V to open the flashlight
  • Music control

In addition, you can also adjust it manually. You do this by selecting “Screen Gesture Off” as indicated by the arrow.

4. Then a gesture mode appears that you can select. Gesture features that can be added include unlocking, opening applications to call.

This is a tutorial on customizing the screen turn off gesture feature on a Realme phone. This function is certainly very helpful in our daily activities. Hope it’s useful.

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