How to enable “Night Mode” on YouTube site

Many applications that add night mode functionality to their application, and usually we often get this functionality on news reading applications. Likewise on website Youtube doesn’t want to lose, so YouTube is adding features Night mode or night mode on the website. and maybe a night mode feature will be added to the Youtube app.

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There are so many advantages we have when we use the latest features from YouTube, namely: Night mode or night mode, here are some of the benefits.

Benefit Night mode :

  • Suitable for watching YouTube in a dark room.
  • Doesn’t make eyes sore or sore easily.
  • Suitable for long-term viewing (more than 2 hours or even hours).
  • Save laptop battery / Smartphones.
  • Looks more elegant.

After reading and knowing the benefits, please follow the guide to change the look and feel of YouTube site to night mode (Night mode):

1. Go to the website, then log in with your Google account and enters the porch.

2. Click on symbol Google profile photo in the top right corner.

3. When you have opened the profile menu, select Menu Night mode (dark theme) / Night mode.

4. Then swipe to the right of the button to enable it or click to enable it.

The design on the YouTube site will automatically go dark. Complete.

To reset the YouTube ad to its original state, the guide is almost the same as above, but the button in the Night Mode menu needs to be moved to the left to go back to normal on the original YouTube ad.

Video tutorials:

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