How to enable live streaming in Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends is one of the Games phenomenal in Smartphone because this game is similar to DOTA when it is present in the DOTA game on PC computers while Mobile Legends is present on PC Smartphone.

Mobile Legends is a game Online games MOBA war (Multiplayer online battle arena), where Games it has gameplay and model Games Similar to the DOTA game, the difference is in the navigation when in DOTA clicks or instructions to execute characters are used, while in Mobile Legends analog is used.

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In Mobile Legends there are 5 teams in the game and their mission is to destroy enemy towers. Several types and characters in the Mobile Legends game, namely: Assassin, Fighter, Mage, Hunter / Gunner, Support and Tank.

In the Mobile Legends game, it turns out that we can activate the features Live streaming so that our friends can watch or watch our games live liveTo activate this function, proceed as follows:

1. Requirements to be able to activate the function Live streaming Your status level must be reached “master“.

2. After you have met the requirements, go to the menu profile.

3. Next go to the menu Stream info.

4. Then activate the button Live broadcast Will on.

5. Done. Anyone on your Mobile Legends friends list can watch the live broadcast while you play. Your friends can see Tap symbol Eyes in the friends list menu (friends) and your game will also be shown in the menu Live broadcast.

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