How to enable InstaStory notifications from favorite accounts on Instagram

As a photo sharing medium, Instagram has many users around the world. Many users do not make Instagram complacent, as evidenced by the new features that appear in the Instagram app. In addition to the new features, it turns out that Instagram also has tips and tricks in store that not many are familiar with.

One of the newest tips and tricks on Instagram that not many people know about is to enable the InstaStory notification feature from your favorite account on Instagram. This notification function was previously available on Instagram, but only applied to posts and IGTV. InstaStory has been one of the most popular features of Instagram users since late 2022 to date. InstaStory (Your Story) is nothing more than sharing everyday moments. In the meantime, the notification feature is a notification feature for activities on Instagram like uploads from accounts you follow on Instagram or feedback from your followers. In addition to InstaStory, Instagram also offers notification settings for posts, IGTV and live videos.

Then how do I enable InstaStory notifications from other accounts on Instagram? It’s easy, let’s just follow the steps below.


1. Open the Instagram application installed on your device.

2. Click the iconseek to search for your favorite account.

3. Enter your favorite account.

4. Click the ‘three points‘ in the upper right corner.

5. Find and select ‘Manage notifications‘.

6. Enable notifications for ‘story‘. In addition to story notifications, we can also enable notifications for posts, IGTV, and live videos. Choose notifications based on your needs.

7. Done.

That is the explanation of the tutorial ‘How to enable InstaStory notifications from Favorite Accounts on Instagram’. Much luck.

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