How to Enable Instagram Dark Mode for Android and iPhone

There are already many applications that carry dark mode or dark mode. Before that, Smart Tips also discussed How to activate dark mode on WhatsApp, guys! But this time, Smart Tips will discuss how to activate dark mode on Instagram.

Well, this dark mode or dark mode is suitable for those of you who like to open Instagram at night. In addition, this dark mode can also prevent damage to the eyes or blue light radiation from gadgets. This dark mode can be used specifically for Android phones with the Android 10 operating system and iPhones with the iOS 13 operating system, which means the operating system below cannot use dark mode on Instagram.

So, for those of you who want to change the Instagram theme to dark mode, let’s just read this article.

How to Change Instagram Appearance to Dark Mode

Previously, did you know how to activate dark mode on Instagram? Well, if you don’t know, let’s just listen to the end!

1. Change Instagram Appearance on Android

  • First, download the app Instagram latest in Playstore. After downloading, make sure you are logged in to your WhatsApp account, guys! Open “Settings” on your phone and click “Appearance“.

Instagram Dark Mode Android

  • Second, after opening settings and display, you need to change your display to “Dark Mode/Dark Mode“.

Instagram Dark Mode Android

  • Third, well it worked! Now your Instagram application has been set or set to dark mode as below.

Instagram Dark Mode Android

2. Change the Look of Instagram on Android

  • First, make sure the Instagram application is already on your iPhone and logged in, guys! After that, you can open “Settings” on your iPhone.

Instagram Dark Mode IOS

  • Second, after opening settings you can select and click “Display & Brightness“.

Instagram Dark Mode IOS

  • Third, after clicking Display & Brightness, you will find “Appearance“, then you can choose “Dark“.

Instagram Dark Mode IOS

  • FourthWell, it worked, your Instagram application has been set or set to dark mode as below.

Instagram Dark Mode iOS

How are you Smart? You now know how to activate dark mode on Instagram? Don’t forget to share this article with your friends, guys! Oh yes, if there are criticisms and suggestions for this article, just write them in the comments column below!

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