How to enable in-game FPS for all Steam games

FPS or frames per second is a term that is actually used in the movie industry but is used in the game industry. FPS used in the gaming industry is usually based on the performance that the game provides to users when a game experiences slow motion or then breaks frame What the game gives the user is less than 40 if the game gives the user very smooth movement then for example frame the game is given to more than 40 users.

The FPS standard, which is very suitable for 2022, is around 50 and above, it is better if it can reach 100 and above, but the very high FPS are also stored behind it budget which is very high for hardware VGA required. FPS information can be viewed using third party applications such as Fraps, Bandicam, and others. However, for Steam users it is enough to enable it in the Settings menu of the Steam application, although the FPS display provided is not as good as in third-party applications, but according to the author, if it is just to give information, it is enough if it is here the tutorial on how many FPS the game offers.


1. You open the Steam application on your laptop / PC.

2. Then you click on Tab menu Files – Settings.

3. Then you click on again Tab menu in the game, and you change the part in the menu In-game FPS counter to the position you want, the advice of the author you choose Top left and activate High contrast colourwhen you click the button OK.

4. Done.

Note: As explained above, viewing FPS information given to the Steam application as access to run games is very simple, but if you want full or good viewing, you can use third party applications that are included in the Internet are widespread like Fraps and others.

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