How to enable gaming mode on an Acer Nitro 5 laptop

Acer Nitro is a laptop from Acer, this Acer Nitro is arguably the family of Acer Predator gaming laptops, but due to the specifications and prices that are currently standard laptops according to the author, this laptop is not called Acer Predator, but Acer Nitro. but although it is called Acer Nitro, some features of the Acer Nitro are also included in this gaming laptop, for example CoolBoost which is set in the application NitroSense, or the gaming mode that we will discuss in this article.

Acer Nitro itself only has one type, which is Acer Nitro 5, but several types such as AN515-51, AN515-52, AN515-53 and others. Unlike other laptops in general where when we want to put the laptop in gaming mode the controller application covers the entire screen so it can interfere with your gaming process, although some other laptops do it on purpose User experience received by the user but is different from this Acer Nitro in that the application that enables this game mode is just shaped like that Pop up small at the bottom of the screen so that you don’t mind if you are in a game state on-line what cannot be Break. How to activate the mode the game.


1. Make sure your laptop is in a game mode Break the game first before activating the game mode so as not to disturb your game

2. Then press the key on your keyboard Start menu + G simultaneously

3. Then the display appears Pop up below, then click the button shaped Speedometer and make sure the dash disappears as a sign that game mode is active.

4. Done.

Note: In addition to clicking the shaped button SpeedometerYou can also try some of the buttons available, such as recording, Screenshots, you can even record automatically on the device along with the installation of a webcam Pop up the.

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