How to enable fingerprint functionality on HP Realme

Did you know there are features on the HP Realme 5i? fingerprint ?

Realme 5i is indeed equipped with modern and full HP features, which makes this mobile phone very popular among users Smartphone. Realme 5i can make it easier for users with various built-in features. Practical and straightforward. Of course, in addition to other advantages such as the offered HP specifications, it becomes a profitable added value for this mobile phone.

One of the features that will be discussed in this tutorial is the function Fingerprint-his. Realme 5i delivers Fingerprint sensor which is easily accessible. Fingerprint sensor it’s on the back body HP so you can reach it with one hand. Specialty fingerprint This will make it easier for you to unlock the phone screen without reminding yourself Template, as is the case with most Smartphone already on the market.

note : Specialty fingerprint it is set up with the password function, so when you activate it fingerprint then you will also be asked to enter a password. This password is required to foresee whether you will not be able to use the function at any point in time fingerprint, for example with wet or damp hands, which are usually difficult for the device to see.

How to activate the function fingerprint :


1. Prepare your HP Realme 5i.

2. Go to the Settings menu.

3. Scroll down, then find and click on “Fingerprint, Face & Password”.

4. Click the Fingerprint option.

5. Click on “Add fingerprint”. Then enter the desired security password and confirm it.

6. Start gluing the desired fingertip onto the Fingerprint sensor.

7. Glue your fingertips on that several times Fingerprint sensor as described on your HP screen. Fingerprint application until fully charged (visible on HP screen). This step is done twice to verify your fingerprint. When you’re done, click Next.

8. After this process automatically functions fingerprint You can use it to unlock the screen. You can see their function in the “Use fingerprint for” section.

9. Done, you have activated the function fingerprint on your Realme 5i phone. You can now unlock your screen with your previously enrolled fingerprint.

This time this is the tutorial. With the function activated fingerprint, offers you 2 ways to unlock the phone screen, namely by entering the password you registered or you can use your fingerprint.

So you should still remember the password you created so that you can open your mobile phone screen while it is working fingerprint can not be used. So, good luck and enjoy the features on offer Smartphone Empire 5i.

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