How to enable Facebook’s dark mode

This time Dark mode or dark fashion is becoming a trend with several social media companies bringing the fashion to their platforms. Facebook is one of the social media companies that showcase it.

The company, run by Mark Zuckerberg, introduced a dark mode in its messaging application, WhatsApp. The dark mode itself is not only presented by Facebook in the WhatsApp application, but also presented on Facebook Lite and Facebook Messenger.

In addition to offering a dark mode in some of its applications, Facebook also offers a dark mode for desktop users. If you are currently actively using Facebook on a PC or laptop, you can already activate dark mode. To enable dark mode on Facebook, you can follow the tutorial below.


1. Please open your Facebook account on your PC or laptop.

2. Change your Facebook to a new look by clicking the icon Drop-down list at the top right and then select switch to new Facebook.

3. If your Facebook presence has changed, please tap on the symbol Drop-down list.

4. If so, please enable dark mode.

5. Here are the results.

6. Done.

Currently, the dark mode feature is only available on the Facebook desktop. The company is still testing the application on Android and iOS devices. However, it is not yet known when dark mode will be available in the Facebook application.

For some users, the dark mode feature is nothing special. This makes perfect sense, as the dark mode function has now become a common function, so that its existence is no longer a specialty. Even so, the dark mode is a very useful feature as it can reduce eye strain and also lighten it font on a website so that it can be easily read.

Here is a tutorial on how to activate it Dark mode Facebook. Hope it’s useful.

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