How to enable dark mode on Xiaomi Mobile

Xiaomi is one of the HP brands originating from China. There are so many users from Indonesia who have branded cell phones Xiaomi. This brand of HP is indeed known for its affordable price in its class and has the same specs as other more expensive brands. That’s what HP does Xiaomi Very popular with users as the features it offers are also very popular.

It is undeniable that many users do not like a cell phone display that is too bright, especially at night, which can sometimes damage the eyes. Hence, one of the features of this Xiaomi phone is that it can change the theme or appearance to be dominantly dark to make it more convenient at night. On this occasion we are taught how to change the theme of this Xiaomi HP system so that it can change to a dark color or what is commonly called “Dark mode”. Here the author uses HP Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Make tutorials. Okay, without further ado, just check out the tutorial below.


1. The first step is to open it Arrangement.

2. After entering the settings, a screen like this appears, select Appearance.

3. Next, choose which one Dark mode.

4. Then press the button Dark mode. You can also schedule when to use the light viewing mode when you are using the dark mode by tapping Time schedule. There you can set it by entering the hour when the dark mode is active and when it is turned off, so it will be very helpful for you as the dark mode will change automatically according to the entered time.

5. After switching on, the display goes dark as shown in the picture.

6. This is an example of an example that automatically changes its appearance to dark dominant that includes a settings menu. Browser, data manager, and the notification panel.

Remember that the default application will automatically switch to dark mode xiaomi, Apps like WhatsApp, Instagram and who needs download first pass Load game does not get dark. You have to set it up for the application yourself as it is not the default application of the. acts Xiaomi.

Okay, this is my tutorial, for those of you who are uncomfortable when the light mode is perfect to apply the dark mode on your cellphone. Hope it’s useful.

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