How to enable dark mode on WhatsApp iPhone

WhatsApp is a cross messaging app platform whereby we can exchange messages without SMS fees, because WhatsApp delivery boy Use the same internet data plan for email, web browsing, etc. WhatsApp app delivery boy Use a 3G, 4G, or WiFi internet connection for data communication. Using WhatsApp we can chat online, share files, exchange photos and much more.

Speaking of WhatsApp application, until this article was created, WhatsApp did not create a function Dark mode for the WhatsApp application. Quite a few people out there who want features Dark mode This is in the WhatsApp application. Unlike the Twitter application that has published features Dark mode for all iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users.

But if we look, there are features on the iPhone Invert smart color this function can be described as similar Dark mode but this function really just reverses the existing color, like white turns to black, and so on. So you can use this feature to complete your WhatsApp application Dark mode. How to activate Dark mode WhatsApp on iPhone is very easy, see the following tutorial.


1. Open Arrangement – Generally.

2. Tap Accessibility – Show accommodation.

3. Tap Invert color – activate Intelligent repentance.

4. Afterwards Intelligent repentance activated open the app Whatsapp.

5. Now Dark mode activated.

So hopefully the tutorial on how to enable Dark Mode in the WhatsApp iOS 11 application will be useful.

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