How to enable dark mode on Google Maps Android

You can say that Dark mode is one of the most anticipated functions by users Smartphone. Because functions Dark mode This makes our vision more comfortable and of course has a very elegant appearance. There are already many applications with functions dark mode like YouTube, Chrome and others. It turns out that Google Maps doesn’t want to be left behind either. How to activate it.

Dark mode or Dark Mode is a feature where the feature makes the application’s screen appear completely dark. Well, lately, Google has been very aggressive in providing features Dark mode at their request. This was not done without a reason. Dark mode This is supposed to save battery power consumption Smartphone.

Aside from not wasting battery power, there are other features as well Dark mode It’s also very good for eye health. By activating Dark mode We can avoid eye fatigue due to the display being too bright. And now this function Dark mode was also present on Google Maps. Would you like to know how to activate it? Let’s look at the following trick.

Video tutorials:


1. In the first step, simply open the Google Maps application. then Tap 3 lines in the top left corner then scroll down and select the Settings menu.

2. In the second step, select the Navigation Settings menu. Next, select NIGHT in the Color Scheme in the Map View menu.

3. In the third step, find a place that you can then visit Tap Begin. Well, your Google Maps display will automatically go dark.

This is the tutorial on how to activate it Dark mode on Google Maps Android. Hope it’s useful.

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