How to enable dark mode on Google Drive Android

The author offers a tutorial on how to activate it Dark mode on Google Drive-Android. This is useful for changing the UI view of the Google Drive Android app to a UI view Dark mode (dark theme) to reduce visual interference from light, contrast and bright background color into one, namely a bright display.


1. Tap the Main Menu button.

2. Open the Google Drive application and make sure the Google Drive application is the latest.

3. Please sign in via Gmail to access Google Drive specifically for Android.

4. In the upper left, tap the bottom three lines.

5. Tap Settings / Settings.

6. Tap Select Subject.

7. Choose Dark.

8. Here are the results.

9. Done.

So you can change the UI view of a custom Google Drive app to a UI view Dark mode so that your eyes can see the UI display comfortably Dark mode which does not hurt the eyes from glare, especially at night.

You can manage file data in your Google Drive with a UI display form Dark mode (Dark subject).

How to activate Dark mode on Google Drive-Android. Hope it’s useful.

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