How to enable dark mode on AIDE Android

The author will provide an activation tutorial Dark mode in AIDE-Android. This is useful for your eyesight, which is having problems with white or light colors caused by too much contrast.


1. Open the main menu Smartphone your android.

2. Open the AIDE for Android application. If you don’t have the AIDE for Android application installed on your Android, you can install the AIDE for Android application from the Play Store.

3. On the right, tap on the symbol with the lower three dots.

4. Press More.

5. Press Settings.

6. Press Applications.

7th Turn off At Easy topics.

8. Look at the results.


So you can apply Dark mode This can change the UI display to a dark color and the text display to a light color in the AIDE application, so that your eyesight is not easily fatigued while programming while creating your own Android application with the AIDE application.

Therefore. How to activate Dark mode in AIDE-Android. Much luck.

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