How to enable dark mode in Google Chrome on a laptop / PC

Google Chrome is one of the Browser best of all at the time, google chrome takes advantage of its usage R.A.M. that’s pretty much in order to make the connection or the speed of access to the virtual world faster, until now Google Chrome is still that Browser best first strike BrowserBrowser others, such as Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge, Safari, and others.

Google Chrome is an application that we can change to our liking. We can use extensions from developers who have provided a share and download location in Google Chrome. Chrome web store, on the website, you can find a collection of extensions, themes, Chrome applications, and more.

A pretty good extension is the extension Dark mode or Dark reader, The function of this extension is to change all white displays to black without breaking the look of certain sites. With this extension, not only famous sites go black but all sites go black, here is the tutorial.


1. First go to the Google Chrome extension page called. on Dark reader

2. Then you click on the button Add to Chrome.

3. When a notification pops up, just click on it Add extension, and wait for the download process.

4. All websites you access are automatically in dark mode or Dark mode.

5. Done.

Example (

Example (

Example (

This is the tutorial on how to activate it Dark mode in Google Chrome on laptop / PC. Hope it’s useful.

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