How to enable dark mode in Gmail Android

Email (E-mail) is one of the institutions in the world of technology and information that has a vital function in everyday life. Almost everyone in the world needs to have their own email address. The existence of e-mail facilities in this increasingly sophisticated Internet era certainly has several purposes and advantages.

Some of these benefits include sending ordinary messages to sending documents for important work orders. There are already many web domains that offer e-mail services such as Gmail, Yahoo Mail and Rocketmail.

In addition to the important functions of e-mail discussed above, it has been found that the current e-mail facility also has a display customization function which can be modified according to the wishes of its users. One of the features that we can change is the dark mode feature (Dark mode). This feature allows users to change the appearance of their email page to a darkened view.

The existence of this dark mode feature has several important functions, especially when applied to devices Smartphone. It not only saves battery power because it does not emit too much light and does not tire the eyes, it also looks calmer and cooler. The dark mode feature of this email service is already available in the Gmail Android application.

It is for this reason that the author will take this opportunity to provide a tutorial on how to enable dark mode in the Gmail Android application. Here the author gives an example for the use on Gmail Android, so there are of course different settings for other e-mail services such as Yahoo Mail or Rocketmail. The steps can be seen as follows:


1. Switch on the device Smartphone and then open the Gmail app.

2. After entering the application’s main menu, select the “three-line” logo in the upper left corner.

3. After appearing Pop up Side, scroll Page down and then select the settings menu.

4. In the next step, select the “General Settings” settings.

5. On the general settings page menu, click the subtopic section. So it will appear Pop up Setting of 3 theme modes.

  • Bright, with the light mode in the Gmail app.
  • Dark, using dark mode in the Gmail app.
  • The system standard, the Gmail display mode, follows the general display mode on the device Smartphones.

6. The results are shown in the following figure.

This is a guide on how to enable dark mode in the Gmail Android app. With this display feature, your Gmail application will surely look better fresh and calm. Much luck.

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