How to enable carousel wallpapers on MIUI 10

Who doesn’t know Wallpapers, everyone who has it and is still using it WL or Smartphone definitely knows what it is Wallpaper. Recently, Xiaomi has made available Update at the latest for user interface them, namely MIUI 10.

In MIUI 10, the carousel offers Wallpaper or function to change the picture Wallpaper it was automatically removed on some devices within a certain period of time, although I find this feature very interesting for getting rid of the boredom of images Wallpaper that’s all.

For this, the author will share in this article how to reactivate the carousel function Wallpaper the.

How to activate the function Carousel wallpapers on MIUI10.


1. Open the settings menu (the settings) – Then select the Additional Settings menu.

2. Tap in the Location menu – then change the location from Indonesia to India.

3. After changing the location, press and hold the lock screen button – Tap start anew (Update).

4. When you have finished rebooting, swipe right on the lock screen.
• So far only available Wed. function remote control and flashlight.

• 2 more functions have now been added.

Carousel functions Wallpaper was reactivated. in the carousel Wallpaper replacement settings have been added in this MIUI 10 Wallpaper from on-line so that more images can be displayed that the previous MIUI version is not yet available. How to open the carousel settings Wallpaper.

1. Open the settings menu (the settings) – Select the Screen lock and password menu.

2. Then Tap carousel Wallpaper.

In this setting you can set how long the exchange period is Wallpapers, mobile data usage, and there are also different types of topics Wallpaper how Buildings, plants, food and much more.

This is the tutorial for reactivating the carousel function Wallpaper or Carousel wallpapers in MIUI 10, hopefully useful.

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