How to enable automated messages and quick replies on WhatsApp Business

Whatsapp released a new service some time ago, namely Whatsapp Business. Then what is Whatsapp Business or Business? Yes, as the name suggests, Whatsapp Business is a Whatsapp that is intended for business people who use Whatsapp as a marketing medium or ask questions about their business.

Whatsapp Business users can thus interact directly with customers indirectly or in a short time as Customers service. Whatsapp Business is not always Whatsapp Regular which we often use for fun chatting. Whatsapp Bussines has a big B logo in its application.

Businesses can also add a brief description of their business, email and website, hours of operation, and also their business address so customers or other users know they are chatting with a business account. The features it contains are also different, including business profiles, messaging tools, messaging statistics, and also account types.

In Whatsapp stores there will be an automatic message function or quick reply, and there will also be a greeting or welcome message for customers. Now to enable and use all of these features, please see the method below.

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1. First, install the WhatsApp Business application. Then go to settings and choose Business suit.

Download the WhatsApp business app

2. Next there are 3 options for the messaging function. Tap At Order outside of work Then swipe right to activate it. Then set the content of your automatic message and then select the schedule Choose a custom schedule to set it to a specific time period.

3. How to set an automatic welcome message (Automatic answer) to new customers, Tap by doing Send greetings, activate, then fill out the message and save.

4. Choose Quick response to use abbreviations for frequently used sentences. Then select the options available and replace the phrase as you wish.

Then you can change it as you like in the shortcut area. To try it out, you can send a message with Slash prefix / followed by the word you previously specified in the “Link” section. Tap At Pop up what came out later tap send.

Complete. How to activate the function Automatic answer and quick response on WhatsApp Business

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