How to Embed Responsive YouTube Videos in Blogger

Youtube is one of the most popular video websites and it is popular with many people. We can search and find various videos there. Also, you can make money on Youtube by managing your YouTube channel.

It is not uncommon for many Indonesian bloggers to become YouTubers and manage blogs. Many YouTubers have blogs for their video promotion media. You can add your videos to your personal blog.

You can easily embed YouTube videos on your blog. YouTube has provided a function for embedding videos. But the results of the embedding are not yet available Appealing.

On this occasion the author will give a short tutorial Easy ways to insert / embed YouTube responsive videos on Blogger. If you are interested in installing it, you can refer to the tutorial below.


1. Sign in to the account Blogger – Themes – Edit Html.

2. Enter the Javascript code below and put it directly in front of the code

3. Save topic.

4. Open the YouTube app / site – find the video you want to add to the blog and select it.

5. When you find the video, select Share – Embed – Then copy the script code.

6. Open Blogger – create a new article post and go into mode HTML no Compose then paste the code earlier.

7th Complete.

Here are the results Responsive YouTube videos which was embedded in blogger.

So many tutorials Easy ways to insert / embed Responsive YouTube Videos on Blogger that the author shared with you. If you have any questions about this item, please feel free to leave a comment below. Hope it’s useful.

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