How to Eliminate Application Recommendations on Xiaomi Phones

How to remove app recommendations on Xiaomi – For those of you Android users, Xiaomi in particular, you may see ads a lot when you open various standard applications. One of the displays on this Xiaomi phone is also in the form of app recommendations that appear in the homescreen folder.

For some users, Xiaomi’s application recommendation feature can be useful. But it is not uncommon for users to be bothered by irrelevant app advertising, so they prefer to switch off application recommendations on Xiaomi.

For those of you who want to permanently disable the apps advertised on Xiaomi. In this article, Teknolalat will now publish a tutorial on how to remove advertised apps or recommended applications on a Xiaomi Redmi phone. Let’s check out the following tutorial.

How to Eliminate Application Recommendations on Xiaomi Phones

Turning off app recommendations on this Xiaomi phone is a method to remove ads that appear automatically when the device is connected to the internet. Here are the steps to remove the recommended application on a Xiaomi phone:

  1. First, go to the Xiaomi phone’s home screen.
  2. Next, open the folder that shows Recommended Apps.
  3. Then click on the folder name and an app recommendation option will appear.
  4. Please deactivate the option App recommendations Eliminate recommendations for use.
  5. Complete.
How to remove app recommendations on Xiaomi

After you have disabled app recommendations in a Xiaomi phone folder, you can repeat the above method in other folders where app recommendation indicators also appear. After that, the app recommendation ads will be permanently deactivated.

If you’d like to reactivate, just repeat the steps above, then turn on the app recommendations option. After that, some recommended apps will reappear and you can click on one to download from the Play Store.

These advertised apps are available in different versions of MIUI, from MIUI 8 to versions of MIUI 11 and 12. So don’t be surprised if this ad appears in the latest series like Redmi 9, 9C, 9A, Note 8, Note 9 etc. When connected to the internet, app recommendation ads will automatically appear at the bottom of the folder.

Even if the app recommendation option is automatically activated in Xiaomi, ROM developers still offer the option to switch it off easily and permanently. This allows the user to choose the most suitable option.

This is a review on how to remove recommendations for use on Xiaomi. How easy is it not? If you turn off this app recommendation, Android will appear cleaner in ads. Okay so this article and hopefully useful.

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