How to edit young faces on old photos on Android

Do you know what’s going on viral Currently it is about the processing of the old face from July 17 to July 19, 2022 Age challenge. Yes sir Age challenge, there are so many artists competing by turning their paintings into strange faces, one of which is the face of aging.

Young faces are getting old this time, it is very easy for us to make them because just by using them Upload the photo will be processed automatically by the application as soon as possible. We are also not involved in processing offline but must use data or on-line so that the photo can be retrieved from the FaceApp.

With the easy photo editing phase, of course, the android application has many other cool and complete functions this time like: change hair, change face, change hairstyle, change layout and many other functions. As? Are you curious, of course, how you work on a young face in order to grow old? Here’s a tutorial on how to edit photos from young to old on an Android phone right away.


1. Make sure you have To install FaceApp application on the Play Store if you already have itTo install You just open the application.

Download FaceApp Android

Download FaceApp iPhone iOS

2. Next we will be automatically redirected to the first page of FaceApp, then just select the photo you want to edit by clicking on Gallery.

3. If so, your face will automatically show up there, just click on it editor Then swipe right and click Age.

4. Next, select old, then click Apply.

5. If so, just keep going to save with one click symbol download at the top right.

6. Done.

This is a tutorial on how to edit a young face photo to grow old on Android, hopefully it will be useful.

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