How to edit multiple photos at the same time on Android

To have a lot of photos is an immeasurable pride. Photos not only show that the different moments around us are really important to us, but can also capture many historical events.

Now the problem is that sometimes we have to edit a lot of photos. Although the editing that needs to be done is a repetitive activity. Such as the name of the property rights of the photo.

Bilan had such a problem, now there is nothing to worry about. For now there is a Photo Editor application. With this application we can take advantage of the opportunity to edit many photos at the same time. Here are the steps you need to take.

1. Download the photo editor app

First of all, download the Photo Editor application from the Google Playstore application. Just search by typing the words Photo editor. Then several options will appear. Select the app app Photo editor exit dev.mcgyver. Once downloaded, open the Photo Editor application right away if you want to edit photos right away.

Download Photo editor

2. Select the function for simultaneous editing

When the Photo Editor application is open, you will see various activities that can be performed. Immediately click on the picture that says Simultaneous processing. Then Photo Editor will help immediately by selecting the first photo to be edited.

3. Select a photo

In the next step, select the photo to be edited. We choose as many photos as we want.

After choosing a photo, we can start editing the photos at the same time by clicking the button task that’s bottom right.

4. Edit photos

Then a page will appear with various editing options in it. Can insert text, images or shapes into photos. If you just want to add text to the photo, click the circle next to the blue text. Then just click on the button Please enter text.

5. Write letters

Then the page is moved again. We can directly type the phrase we want in the photo. Position, size, font and color can also be adjusted. When you are sure, click the button Use.

You will then be notified of the edited photo files.

The good thing about using Photo Editor is that it comes with a photo backup in its original form. So if we are not satisfied with the photo edits that were made, we can do it again by removing the wrong photo edits.

These are the steps to edit multiple photos at once in Photo Editor application. At least this will speed up the processing of our photos. So that you can use the time for other useful things.

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