How to Edit Grime Art Using Infinite Design on Android

This time the author will explain a tutorial on how to create effects Dirty art with the Infinite Design app on Android. Which means that this application can also be run on iOS. Quote from, the meaning of Dirty art itself is a technique that uses a graphic design application to transform the faces of people in photos into cardboard shapes with melted skin.

With this technique we can make a unique impression on the photos we have. And right here is the tutorial.

1. Open the infinite design application that isTo install on Android. or if you don’t have one, you can download itdownloadfirst in the Play Store.

Download Infinity design

2. Choose the second step New to create a new project. Give it a name, adjust the size as needed or according to the image you want to edit. Tap create.

3. Choose import to enter the image to be edited and import how Pictures.

4. Create layers new and select the original image to set opacityits approx up to 60 or adapted to the existing drawings.

5. Choose layers new then Tools and Pen tools to make the lines.

6. Choose a brush Pen, then make lines in the face area. And choose size Brush to adjust the size to taste.

7. Apart from Pen tools we can also use it rotten tools to create a direct line.

To the stroke on eyes, nose, eyebrows, lips.

8. Then add texture Dirty art still use rotten tools.

9. If you have Duplicate layers that. choose layers below to start coloring by selecting the menu Tools then fills.

And use whatever color you want.

return opacity Main picture as before.

10. Then pour the selected color into the lined parts of the photo. Note that the line must not be broken to prevent the placement of colors that do not match.

11. Create layers add new the shade on texture dirt to make it look more real, choose a darker color to make it the shadehis.

12. If it is enough adjust the position of the picture and finally export to save it.

Here are the results.

Here is a tutorial on how to edit it Dirty art with infinity design. Much luck.

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