How to easily turn face photos into Anime

Now this seems to have become a habit that is considered normal when we often take a picture and capture something on our phones or upload it to social media. Most of those who enjoy photography find that taking photos is a lot of fun, but they certainly can’t escape the name editing. editing is also something that is no less exciting than taking photos.

If we are not satisfied with the result of the portrait, we of course spend a lot of time with the process editing so that our photos look perfect and appealing to the eye before hitting social media. However, photo editing can also be less than optimal if the resulting photo isn’t good either. So make sure you shoot properly and always look for good composition and lighting.

Photos are one of the mainstays on various social media sites today. Along with this comes technological advancement, which is also increasing, so it seems like a lot of people are busy producing interesting photos to display on social media.

What is anime

There are many things we can do to make our photos interesting. For example, change it to be like anime. It seems everyone already knows that anime is one of the animations from Japan that is very popular with people all over the world.

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Well, it also inspires a lot of people to make faces or edit photos like anime. Thanks to advances in technology and help too developer We can easily turn a face into an anime. Don’t believe Let’s take a look at the following review:

Video tutorials


1. First you have todownload an app called Sasswars (

2. Second when done in To install then open the Sasswars app directly Tap crate red on Pop up what will appear later Tap again Plus symbol.

3. Third, Tap Allow menu to allow applications to access files on the device. Tap the kanji on the left.

4. Fourthly, select the folder in which the photo you want to edit is located. then Tap back to crate red that appears.

5. Fifth, select a photo from the gallery and then Tap the box red in the lower right corner. Later you will get to the edit menu. Tap At Thumbnails editing, scroll the menu below until you find symbol Star.

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6. Sixth, Tap the icon Star earlier and wait a while for the process. If you have successfully switched immediately Tap the box red in the upper right corner.

7. Seventhly, adjust the video quality by sliding it Slider Menu. then Tap crate below red. The result will be a video and to get an idea you just live Screenshots screen only.

Complete. Here’s how you can easily turn face photos into anime. For all anime lovers, this application is perfect for your photos to resemble anime characters.

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