How to Easily Hide Other People’s Instagram Stories

Instagram is a social media that has always been the first social media widely used by other than Facebook and Twitter for several years, because Instagram always has good features, such as InstaStories inherited from the SnapChat application and the IGTV feature that was predicted to be a temporary replacement for the Youtube site.

InstaStories will appear at the top of your app screen homeland or Timeline, usually the order of the InstaStories based on the people you visit frequently stem or DM, or the latest InstaStories, but some people are a little restless with this feature, for example an Instagram account that creates InstaStories very often, so there are e.g. @awkarin.

You can only solve the above problem 3 times Tap Here’s how you can silence the Instagram story accounts we’re following. Here’s an easy way to hide other people’s Instagram Stories.


1. Open the Instagram application and wait for the list of InstaStories episode You appear

2. Then you look for an Instagram account the following You who would like to silence his InstaStories.

3. When you find it, you are Tap and hold for 3 seconds until a notification appears.

4. Then you will see a notification like below, then you Tap mute.

5. And here you can choose 2 settings, namely just mute the InstaStories or mute the posts at once, Tap the option you want.

6. Done.

This is a tutorial on how to easily hide other people’s Instagram Stories. Hope it’s useful.

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