How to Easily Fix Resource Download Errors on FF

Error downloading resources FF – Free Fire is a very popular battle royale game for mobile devices. Free Fire offers various cool bundles and skins, and FF also often provides the latest events with attractive prices.

In order to enjoy all of the features and excitement of this Battle Royale game, you must fully download all of the Free Fire data. And regularly update the game that can usually be found at every season change.

But sometimes the Free Fire data download doesn’t go smoothly or gets stuck while viewing download resources. This problem usually shows a message like “Download failed because the resources could not be found free” or “Error downloading resources”.

As a result, you will not be able to log in and play this FF game. Well, in this article, Teknolalat is going to review how to fix the resource download error on FF easily. Let’s just take a look at the tutorial below.

How to fix resource download errors FF

To fix the error or failed resource download FF, you can outsmart it by downloading data and moving it manually. Here are the steps:

  1. As a first step, please download OBB Free Fire from the link below. The file size is around 600MB so make sure you have enough internal storage.
  2. After the download, please copy or cut the OBB file with the name
  3. Then paste or paste into the folder AndroidOBBcom.dts.freefireth – (Here).
  4. After the copying process is complete, please open your Free Fire game again.
  5. Complete.

Causes of the FF error while downloading resources

Of course, you need to understand why FF errors downloading data with messages like “Download failed because you may not have bought this app” and the like. Well, here are some factors that can cause data or resources to fail to download on Free Fire.

1. Bad internet connection

In order to download Free Fire data smoothly, you need a stable and fast internet. On the other hand, when the internet is unstable and slow, the data download often fails and starts over.

2. Insufficient internal memory

Currently, mobile games are getting bigger in size, including Free Fire. This game has an initial size of around 600MB, so in order for it to install smoothly, prepare at least 2 times the size of the game. Yes, around 2GB, if it is not enough then of course you will not install it.

The last word

Yes, this is how you can fix the resource download error on FF. It is very easy to fix this problem as long as you understand the cause of the FF data download failure and apply the above steps correctly. So this short article, hopefully useful.

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