How to easily create Android apps

In order to create Android applications easily and without any programming knowledge, we can use the site service functions which enable an instant creation of Android applications.

Its superior quality is application building Rss feed for web and blogs like Blogspot / WordPress on Android. We can take the help of web-based application services that are provided free of charge. Using this service, we can create Android applications in minutes without coding. Here are some of the service sites.

In addition to creating RSS feeds from blogs, Appyet can enter HTML-5 codes, podcasts, etc. Before applying, please register and confirm after confirmation by e-mail, then do it here

Choose appyet v2 to create an RSS feed for your blog or web.

Generally: To change the name, version, and image of the application icon.

Feeds: To add or edit our RSS feed.

Tabs: Allows you to set the tabs in the application, the icon for the tabs in the application, and the color of the tabs.

settings: Set the color of the application theme and RSS feed articles from our blog or web.

Professional: Unfortunately, in order to add functionality to our advertising service, we have to pay for this service.

Builds: To build our application when we have designed and added existing functionality. Later select “send for building”. Our application will be sent by email.

Appsgeyser is a web based application service to make Android applications like Appyet. The functions provided are the creation of websites, youtube videos and custom pages that can be viewed in our Android applications. Please register here

All you have to do is enter the web or blog link you want to be created in an Android application. In addition, you can also enter HTML code, e.g. B. When creating a web in the custom page menu.

Feednu is the same as appsgeyser and appyet, this service is dedicated to creating RSS feeds for our blog or web that will be converted into Android applications. This is specially for WordPress users, please download the plugin here for WordPress users For Blogspot users we can register and Sign up first

Note: Building Android applications with the above three internet service providers is instantly built with no programming language, so there are many limitations. But it is very useful for readers who want to try creating android applications for the initial stage

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