How to easily create a table of contents in Microsoft Word

The premise for making a report for a thesis is to use a table of contents on every report paper, but there are many people who still cannot easily make a table of contents.

most of them always make it messy and pleasing to the eyes of teachers who see the results of our hard work. Below is a tutorial on how to easily create a table of contents in Microsoft Word applications.

1. Open the Ms. application. Word on your computer.

2. Create a new document as shown below.

3. Manually create a clean table of contents text, for example like in the figure below, which uses the functions numbered lists.

4. If the table of contents has been created, you can now block everything Alias ​​Block all text only the table of contents then click Ruler over number 15 or whatever you want

5. Then you will see a sign in the form of L.

6. Then you click 2x on the molded mark L. and the display will appear as shown in the following figure.

7. Then select in the menu leader selection number 2 then click OK.

8. Now you click tab on the keyboard and it will appear dotted line automatically as in the picture below.

9. Then to everything.


On Ms. 2022 and Ms. 2022, part Ruler not be visible in order to be able to display it as follows:

1. Go to Tab menu view

2. Find the button Rulerand enable tick aliases. complete

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