How to easily create a face silhouette with Photoshop

Do you know what the silhouette itself is before starting the tutorial? If not, the author makes a statement. So, according to Wikipedia, silhouette is an effect that is created in photography because there is a significant difference between the light reflection of the main object at the front of the image and the background. Well, in addition to these effects, we can also achieve these effects using techniques from photography editing which is very easy. Here is the tutorial.

Photoshop CS 6

Before we start step by step, we need to prepare the application first, and just like in the title, the author wants to provide an editing tutorial with the Photoshop application. As an application, the author uses Photoshop CS 6. Next we also need to prepare a photo or image to be edited, here the author uses a photo of a human object taken from the page (source: tweet)


When the application and materials are ready, we can start processing.


1. First, open the image that we have prepared as follows Click files – open minded At Menu bar. Or can be directly Pressing Ctrl + O At Keyboards. Select an image and click open minded.

2. The second is done layers new with several steps that we can choose. First part Menu bar click Shift – new – shift. Both can be direct press Shift + Ctrl + N At Keyboards.

3rd Click on the icon create a new layer below Layers.

4. When a window like the following appears Click OK.

5. Next, select the part of the image to be used as the silhouette by using Pen tool.

6. If you have never used this tool before, do so by clicking point by point the part you want to select until all of the lines in the drawing pattern are connected. And to smooth out every bend or obtuse angle press ctrl and left click on the mouse or touchpad, and then swipe.

7. If already selected Right click and Select Make a selection.

8. After a window like the one below appears, enter the same settings Click OK.

9. click Paint bucket tool or press the letter G. At keyboard to add black color to the selected image pattern. Assure yourself foreground Black.

10. Still with Paint bucket tool, left click in the selected pattern. So the pattern in the photo changes color to black. Press Ctrl + D to delete the selection contour.

11. Create layers again using the steps outlined in number two to change the color backgroundhis. layer layers so that it is down layers the first silhouette (or here called Layer 1).

12. Change foreground become white with left click, Choose color and Click OK. If, before foreground Black and background White click counter to change it right away. then Select Paint bucket tool and left click in the area Background.

13. To move or resize an object Select layers first or silhouette object, click Move tool At Toolbar and press Ctrl + T do free transformation.

14. And the next step is step Optional what you can do is add text or maybe change it backgroundhis. Here I change the color background by making settings in gradient.

15. Enough with click Create a new fill or adjustment layer at the bottom of the window layersSelect Slopes.

16. When the window appears, enter the following settings and Click OK.

Done, this is the tutorial on how to easily create a face silhouette using Photoshop. Hope it’s useful.

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