How to Earn Extra Money with the Buzzbreak App

Buzzbreak is an application with a lot of news articles. The uniqueness of this application is that users get points through various activities, namely reading messages, watching videos, taking daily absences in the application and inviting other friends to join by entering a referral code.

Buzzbreak Benefits

This application can be considered a useful activity to fill in free time, as in addition to various information we will also receive points that can be converted into money. The available news categories also vary, for example from the areas of politics, business, sports, entertainment, etc.

Here are the steps to make money using the Buzzbreak app:


1. Download Buzzbreak app in the Play Store and sign in with a Gmail account.

2. Participate in the Buzzbreak app every day to earn 9,300 points every week.

3. Read interesting news articles. Every time you finish reading a news article, you will earn 100 points. do not forget scroll until you receive a notification that you have earned points.

4. Select the video that you are also interested in. Every time you finish watching a video you will be awarded 100 points. Select Videos at the bottom left, then select the video you want to watch and wait for the progress to finish to earn points.

5. By pressing the button with the picture of the prize, you can also receive 50 points (maximum 50 times).

6. Inviting friends to enter a referral code or vice versa will earn you enough extra points. To view the referral code, select Wallet in the lower right.

7. Watching bonus videos every hour can add 1000 points. In the top right, click the +1000 icon.

* On one day of the week, the points earned for each activity can be doubled. For example, watching a video or reading the news can get 200 points, as well as a bonus video 2000 points.

When you have managed to accumulate at least 500,000 points, you can withdraw funds. There are 2 payment options, namely to the DANA e-wallet account or to a bank account.

Below are the steps for withdrawing money to the Fund’s e-wallet:

Select Purse – payout – Select the available withdrawal amount – Select the withdrawal method – Pay off.

I made 2 withdrawals from my Dana account. The process takes 2 days to log into the fund account. Personally, I’ve never tried withdrawals to bank accounts. This is proof of my withdrawal:

Here is a little insight into the information. Good luck with the Buzzbreak application and enter my referral code if you are interested.

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