How to download Wikipedia for offline use

In 2022, who doesn’t know Wikipedia? Yes, this online encyclopedia, which has millions of information around the world and is available in different languages, is very familiar to our ears and you need to know that Wikipedia is a not-for-profit organization. The encyclopedia platform developed by Jimmy Wales and Larry Sangers was first put online on May 15, 2001.

More than hundreds or even thousands of articles on Wikipedia to access can use a lot of internet data on your smartphone, but we would like to help you with data usage by teaching you “How to download Wikipedia for offline use”.

Here: “How to Download Wikipedia for Offline Use”

There are many ways to download that can be used. For this reason I will explain how to download it Kiwix tools.

Step 1:

This application is very useful for those of you who want to download all Wikipedia pages (more than 10 gigabytes). Unfortunately, this process doesn’t include photos, but don’t worry for those of you wanting to download files with photos, you need to download the short version and there will be 4500 pages available, only slightly different from the original online. To do this, first download this tool.

Step 2.

After you’ve downloaded the database file to your hardware, open the Kiwix application. If you don’t see a page the first time you open the downloaded file because the file is in the form of ZIMs, the only solution is to download ZIMs

Step 3.

After you’ve downloaded it to your device, import the Zim file.

Go to file Open File and select the downloaded Zim.

Click OK.

Download wiki process 3

Step 4.

Now you have successfully downloaded the Wikipedia software and can enjoy the Wikipedia software offline on your Windows platform.

Download wiki process 4

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