How to Download Shopee Videos, Easy and Fast!

How to Download Shopee Videos

How to Download Shopee Videos – Of course we both know that Shopee is one of the largest e-commerce or market places in Indonesia. What you want to buy is already available on the Shopee application. We can also shop from anywhere and anytime.

Besides Shopee, there are many other applications that you can use to be able to make buying and selling transactions online. However, many people are more comfortable and also prefer Shopee both to sell and to buy online.

Besides being able to be used as an online buying and selling application. The Shopee application is also widely used to play games, because in this application there are very exciting and interesting games. Not only that, many are also looking for product photos or videos on the Shopee application

Maybe you are one of the people who are looking for videos on the Shopee application and want to know how to get videos on Shopee. If so what do you want. Then you can read this article to the end.

On this good occasion we will explain or share with you about How to Download Shopee Videos. Of course, the method that we are going to share is very important for you and you also want to know how to do it right away. For that, please watch this news

2 Ways to Download Shopee Videos

There are two ways that you can do if you really want to download or download videos on the Shope application. Of course you have your own reasons why you should and want to download the video. Of course we don’t want to know your reasons.

The most important thing is to make sure if you want to download the video solely for review material or for you to show it to your friends. Don’t let you take or download the video and use it to repost as your merchandise.

If you are forced and want to use other people’s videos on Shopee for later use as your merchandise, then please ask the video owner for permission first. You can chat with the seller through the chat service available in the application.

Now if you have got permission, then you can just download the video that you really want. Again there are two ways. Well, for the first way you can use it without an application, and the second way you can use a PC or laptop

How to Download Shopee Videos Without an Application

For the first and easiest way, you don’t need to use the help of third-party applications so you can download the videos you want on the Shopee application. You just need to follow the procedures or tutorials that we have prepared for you

  • Please look for the video you want to download on Shopee
  • Then please copy the link
  • The trick is at the top there is a sharing icon next to the cart icon
  • Click the share icon and next click the copy link link
  • Paste the link in the browser and click search
  • Then click hold the video until the download option appears
  • Please download, the video will be saved in the gallery
  • Done

How To Download Shopee Videos From PC

The next way to be able to download or download Shopee videos is to use a PC or Laptop. This method is very easy for you to do. But of course you get confused if you don’t know how.

The step you have to do is make sure your laptop already has software that can download videos such as IDM or others. Then please access Shopee via the browser on the laptop. Look for the downloaded video, then you can easily download the video.

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If that’s all we can share and explain to you. We really hope that by listening to what we have to say about How to Download Shopee Video, then you can understand it properly and correctly.

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