How to download LINE stickers forever for free with a virtual number

LINE actually gives away free stickers “No expiration date“Or free stickers”No expiration date“It’s different for users in every country, but unfortunately there are very few or none at all for Indonesia. All free stickers must be valid for around 30-90 days.

As LINE users in Indonesia we cannot download Stickers that are from overseas users, so we need to outsmart them so that overseas stickers can be used download from Indonesian users, e.g. B. by using VPNs and foreign phone numbers.

To get free stickers forever “No expiration date“We need a foreign telephone number with a LINE sticker. So how do we get a foreign number without having to go abroad to buy it or borrow a friend overseas? The solution is to use a virtual number.

Virtual number is a way of having foreign numbers. To get a virtual number (virtual phone number) free of charge can be found in the following tutorial:

1. Go to the website, TapTRY FOR FREE“.

2. Choose Telephone number without writingGold / buy now. Tap TRY FOR FREE.

For countries the free phone number from Sonetel, which can be used for download LINE stickers are:

  • Japan
  • Argentina
  • Mexico
  • Colombia
  • Ireland

2. Next, enter biodata, such as: First name Last Name, Email, number WL, and password then TapCHECK MY MOBILE “.

Please use number WL contactable originalbecause number WL This will be used later to receive Voice calls / call forwarding.

3. Next you will will Verification SMS or verification phone from Sonetel to get the registration code. Enter the verification code, then Tap on “DONE”.

4. Next you will be redirected to the page dashboard Sonetel site, then Copy/ copy the phone number to LINE.

Before doing the next steps, you must first delete a phone number on LINE. For those of you who don’t know how to delete a phone number on LINE, please read the tutorial first.

Read: How to Delete a Phone Number in LINE Messenger

5. Open the LINE application, go to the profile menu, then register the virtual number with LINE.

6. Enter the virtual phone number and select the country according to your virtual number. Tap “Next”.

7. Select next “Call confirmation /Call me instead“.

8. Next you will receive a call from LINE to Sonetel Forward number WL you please Pick up and record the code given by the robot voice Sonetel voice calls.

9. If you have received a LINE verification code, please continue. Tap “Next”.

10. When you have successfully entered the verification code correctly. Now select further using this number for the first time/ use this number for the first time “ so as not to lose your LINE account

then remove all ticks Add friend automatically & allow others to add.

Hooray, you used successfully virtual numbers.

Please open the menu of the free sticker shop or take a look at 263 Free LINE Stickers “No Expiry Date”

You’re welcome download all stickers free “No expiration date“Everything is free!


• 1 number WL can only be used once to register with Sonetel.

• 1 virtual number from Sonetel can be used for 3-4 different LINE accounts in one day,

• The virtual number you are using. When you have downloaded all of the free stickers from LINE, you can loan them to your friends by giving your friends the virtual number. Later the number will be automatically moved to your friend’s account.

• Borrowing a virtual number to a friend is one way to delete a phone number from our LINE account.

• Do not exceed the use of virtual numbers for LINE for more than 4 accounts as the number will be blocked and we will no longer be able to use it in the future.

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