How to download images from Google Maps without application

Obviously, in today’s growing digital era, getting information is not difficult. Even if we need pictures or photos, the internet can be a suitable search source. One of the platforms that can be used to find photo information is Google Maps.

Google Maps

Google Maps is a platform provided by Google for regional mapping. The services offered are satellite images, 360-degree panoramas, street maps, visual locations and routes for pedestrians, two-wheelers or even four-wheelers. In addition, Google Maps also offers a platform for users who want to add images or photos as additional information.

But as is well known, there is no menu in Google Maps to save to download photos. You can also use the menu, though Snipping tool do Screenshots but it would be better if you download the image directly for HD results.

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To do this, in this tutorial we will discuss an easy way to save or download photos from Google Maps using a PC or laptop.


1. The first step that can be done is please enter Google Maps in the search field Google.

Download images from Google Maps without application

2. After successfully entering Google mode, enter the name of the location where you want to download the image in the Google Maps search box in the top left corner.

Enter the place name

3. Then scroll down until you find the photo menu after successfully finding the location you want.

Problem Report

4. Click one of the photos you want, then search for the text report or report a problem bottom right of the photo. At this step, you can also do that by clicking and selecting the three dots on the uploader’s name report or To report a problem.

last step

5. You will be taken to the next tab that contains the photos you want to download. Then right click with the mouse and select menu Save pictures, then the photos are automatically saved in the database storage folder.


This tutorial is an easy way that can be done on a PC or laptop to download photos via Google Maps without the help of an application. For recording, the above steps can only be used on a PC or laptop. That’s because of Smartphone have not support To do menu save Image by Google Maps.

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