How to download Google Translate Voice and Assistant on Android

Do you use the Google Assistant application to support your daily chores? Then you need to be familiar with the voice of the Google Translate Assistant. Then, have you ever imagined composing a voice message or note in a chat application that has a voice like Google Assistant Translate? It sure is interesting.

In the age of technology as it is today, we have a lot of convenience to access information and to facilitate communication. One of the products is a chat application. We can communicate and exchange information easily, cheaply and quickly using chat applications. In chat applications, in addition to sending text messages and phone calls, we can also send media messages and voice messages (voice memos).

Voice memos

Now it is also very easy to compose a voice message (voice memo) in a chat application that has a voice like the google assistant. We just have to rely on the applications available on the Sound of Text website. Since this application is based on a website, we don’t need to install the application on the device and only need to open the website when we do a voice recording of the Google Assistant. Unfortunately, this application only offers a Google voice assistant.

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Sound of the text

The Sound of Text application is an application that converts text into audio (MP3) files. As opposed to creating voice memo messages in general, we must first download the results of the Google assistant voice recording to the smartphone device gallery, which will be forwarded to chat applications such as WhatsApp or Telegram by sending the Google assistant voice recordings.

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1. Open the browser application available on your device and go to the Sound of Text website at

2. After the Sound of Text website opens, scroll down to the Text column. Enter the message you want to deliver in the text box and click Voice. Select the Indonesian language. Then click the Submit button.

3. Don’t wait long, your Google Translate Assistant voice recording is ready. Click Play to listen to the recording and click Download to save the recording to the Smartphone Gallery.

How to download Google Translate Voice and Assistant on Android

4. Finally, all you have to do is pass the results of the Google Translate Assistant recording to chat applications such as WhatsApp or Telegram. Complete.


By following a few simple steps above, you can turn text messages into voice memos that have a voice like Google Translate’s assistant. This way, your voice memos will sound better and, of course, more professional.

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