How to download files

For internet users, whether with smartphones, laptops or PCs, there may still be those who do not know how to download files from various internet hosting services when we get the link. downloads. But usually those who love to browse the Internet and like to download files definitely know and can tell the difference how to download the files they need. How then? Here are the steps.

Find the file link you want Download it first, to get the files we need we need to search first, usually with search sites like google or inwepo for example.

How to upload to Inwepo. down

1. When you’ve found a site that provides file links, for example at, you want to download free applications, scripts, or line designs. Please select / tap the download link first. You will then be redirected to a confirmation page where you can see that you are human and not a robot.

2. Then please tick the captcha I’m not a robot, normally you will be asked to answer picture questions by selecting the picture. For example, you will be asked to select a traffic light picture, then select several pictures with traffic lights, do not miss any picture. Traffic light means traffic light in Indonesian, if you are not fluent in English, please translate the question phrase using google translate. (highly recommended with the Google Chrome browser).

3. When you have verified the captcha and answered the question successfully, you will be taken to the download link page, scroll down and tap on “Download file”. Later you can download the previously selected application or file.

4. Later you can immediately call up the application or file that is downloaded from the inwepo server or uploaded to the Mediafire server or Google Drive.

How to download on Mediafire

5. If the download link leads to Mediafire, please select the download file icon with a description of the file size or search for the word download.

How to download on Google Drive

6. When the download link is directed to Google Drive, please select the download file arrow icon in the top right corner or look for the blue download button.

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How to download Zippyshare

6. If you get a download link pointing to Zippyshare hosting, the method is not that different from Mediafire. All you have to do is tap the Download Now button. You need to be able to tell which download button is not. It can be seen as the following picture.

How to bypass the site link

7. If you get a download link on or, you have to go through the shorturl link, the download button is on the last page or at the beginning is blue, it says “skip” you will be directed to the original hosting link to be able to download files, e.g. B. in Mediafire, Google Drive, Zippyshare etc.

5. The successfully downloaded file is located in the download folder, please open it using Explorer

For those who download the file using a desktop computer, the file will usually be in C: Users Owner Downloads

However, if you are using an Android smartphone, the downloaded file will be on the memory card / sdcard0 / download /

The download folder depends on what browser you are using and what download folder settings you have created, for Android users you can view the folder directory using Zarchiver, Exploler and other applications.

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