How to Download Books on Google Books (Free Guaranteed!)

There is good news for you book lovers. In 2022, with the times getting faster, information and knowledge can be accessed anywhere, whether on Google, Social Media, Youtube and others.

However, books are still the prima donna for most people to find information.

Along with the development of the times, books are also transformed, no longer in the form of paper, but into the form of eBooks. And most of these ebooks use PDF format, so you have to prepare them PDF opener application on your mobile.

The advantage of this ebook is that it is practical and easy to carry everywhere. Because it is only enough to be stored via smartphones and laptops.

The eBook provider platform is also diverse, one of which is Google Books. But, how do you download ebooks for free? Read this article to the end!

How to Download Books on Google Books

Well, this time Smart Tips will share a tutorial on how to download ebooks on Google Books for free. Let’s go straight to the tutorial. Follow the steps yes!

1. How to Download Books from Google Books from an Android Phone

To download ebooks on Google Books, of course, you can’t make ebooks that were originally paid for free, because you also have to respect the copyright of the book.

But there’s no need to worry because in Google Books not everything is paid, you can have the free version of ebooks. It doesn’t take long to go straight to the tutorial.

  • first, please open the Google Play Store, then click Google Books. Download and install the application.

Install the Google Play Books app

  • Second Step, After opening the application, please click free in the Search field. You will immediately be presented with hundreds of free versions of ebooks.

Type free in the search field

  • Final, select and tap the ebook you want, then click free ebooks. Now the ebooks you want will be automatically in the Library Google Play Books your.

click + to my collection1

Your ebook is now finished downloading and ready to be read. But you should know that eBooks stored in Library it cannot be uploaded as a PDF.

So you can read the ebook through the application. But if you really need a PDF version.

Calm down Smart Tips will tell you how to upload your eBook in this PDF form. Keep on following it!

2. How to Download Books on Google Books Using a PC/Laptop

Besides being able to use Android. Google Books can also be accessed via a PC or laptop. The advantage of using a laptop/PC is that you can upload it as a PDF version.

So, let’s go straight to the next tutorial!

Google Play Books site

  • After signing in to Google Play Books. If on your laptop/PC you use the same email as your smartphone. Then the book that you saved will appear automatically.
  • Open immediately Library, to view your saved ebook collection. Then click three dots on the book you want to download.
  • A popup will appear and please select Download PDF.

Click the three dots and download

  • After downloading your ebook in the format .acsm. To convert it to PDF format, please select the application Convert online.

Online conversion site

  • Select Choose file which is on the start page. Then find the ebook file that you downloaded and then upload it.

Select file upload and start conversion

  • Select convert and download your ebook. Now your ebook is a PDF and ready to be read.

Download Your eBook

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Well, those are the tips from TipsPintar on how to download free Google Books books. It’s easy? Write in the comments column yes!

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