How to download and share files from Google Drive to Android

Google Drive is a place to store different types of files online on-line on the Internet, in addition to saving, you can also share files via Google Drive.

service Cloud storage We can use this Google property for free with a capacity limit of 15GB. Anyone can use Google Drive as long as we have a Gmail or Google account.

In today’s world, storing files on the Internet is more efficient than storing them in a file Flash disk or hard diskbecause by storing files on the Internet, we can access them anytime, anywhere without having to carry them around all the time Flash disk or hard disk.

Especially for friends who like to share files such as applications, music, photos, videos or other documents, we can use the storage option on Google Drive.

Google Drive can be accessed using the URL via. can be accessed Browser but it will be more accessible when you use it Smartphone Your Android through the Google Drive application. Here is the guide:

1. Install Google Drive application.

Download Google Drive Android

2. Run the Google Drive application, Sign up Using a Gmail Account (If you are already connected to a Gmail account on Android this will usually be done automatically Sign up).

A. How to upload files to Google Drive

3. ToUpload App or Files what you need you Tap the plus button in the lower right corner, then select Upload icon – Upload. (Make sure the internet connection is active).

4. After that, you will be directed to the media store to search for Files what will be Upload. Select Files and wait a few seconds, automatically automatically the file will be thereUpload.

5. File downloaded successfully Upload.

B. How to share a file link so that others can download and access it

6. If we do not give the public or the general public permission to access our files, other people will normally not be able to view or download our files on Google Drive. So that our files can be downloaded download and being accessed by others is the first step Tap three dots in the corner of the application that opens to the public, then add people.

7. Choose symbol Padlock under the screen – Tap Link sharing box. After the process is complete, your file will be available to the public. But only for files that are set with steps like this one. If not set, Files Your private belongings are not open to the public, so keep them safe.

8. To find out the link. Tap three points on it Files previous – share link – Copy (Copy to the clipboard).

Then the result is like Screenshots the following if shortcut is accessed.

Example: Link to share files on Google Drive


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