How to Download All Photos and Videos on Instagram Quickly

The best way to download photos or videos that are on a friend’s Instagram account or ours is to use a third party application like the OGInsta + application.

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But each application has its own drawbacks, and the most noticeable drawback to the application is that it can only download one photo or video at a time.

But you can also download photos or images all at the same time Tap, here are the instructions

1. Install the application first BatchSave for Instagram.

Download BatchSave for Instagram

2. Then open and install the downloaded application.

3. You see the display log in and you have to enter Usernames and passwords Your Instagram account (make sure your Instagram account is integrated with E-mail and phone number).

Vital signs: If the number of followers or other people’s own IG likes on your Instagram account increases as a result of using this application, here are some things you should do: Revoke and block third-party apps.

4. If you log in You see the ad Quick tips and Tap Complete.

5. You can search for other people’s accounts for whom you want to download all or part of the photos.

6. When you have found the account you are looking for, you can press and hold on an image for 2 seconds until a check mark appears in the middle of the image, and so on Tap only until all the desired images are sufficient.

7. Then Tap stud Save on computer which is round in the lower right corner of the application.

8. Wait for the download process until all images have been downloaded.

9. When the download is complete, Tap stud View saved files, and you will find any pictures or videos that you downloaded earlier.

10. Here are the downloaded pictures or videos. You can find image or video files on memory / batchsave or in internal memory Smartphone She.

Complete. This is a great way to quickly download all of your photos and videos on Instagram at one time.

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