How to display the WLAN password on a Windows laptop / PC

The WIFI network is very important to everyone, especially today’s social media activists and of course the opportunity to explore the world beyond internet access. We also find a lot Hub access Internet in different places, for example in mini markets or on campus.

But a lot of people use WIFI networks but don’t know about it password which is already embedded in the computer itself. Well this time the author is going to provide a tutorial for those of you who don’t know how to watch it password WiFi especially for you Windows 7 users.

Here is a tutorial on how to view WiFi passwords on Windows 7.

1. Of course, you must be connected to a portable network or a WIFI LAN network.

2. When connected, please click the taskbar in the section hidden, click on the section symbol already connected network, then click “Open network and sharing center”.

3. If you are already signed in, click the network you previously connected. After you click, you will see a window “Status of the wireless network connection”.

4. Next, click the section “Wireless Properties”.

5. Next you will find a window [namawifikamu_Wireless Network Properties] as an example, see the picture below.

6. Next, click on the page “Safety”. Here we will now find out the WIFI password that was embedded on your laptop or computer.

7. If you want to see the password, click on “Show signs”. If you click on it, you will automatically find the password and can remember it.

This is a tutorial on how to view WIFI passwords on a Windows laptop or PC, hopefully it will be useful.

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