How to display the Music Bar Visualizer in Windows

existence Widget At Desktop Laptop / PC can give the appearance of your operating system a nice impression.

Music visualizer is a guy Widget that focuses on visualizing music in both textual form and objects, such as the visualization of up and down lines (or commonly referred to as bars) and waves (or commonly referred to as waves).

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How to show a music visualization with. at Music bar widget :

1. Make sure you have the Rainmeter application installed on your operating system – Rainmeter runs automatically after installation or during installation Start up Windows so you don’t have to activate the app automatically Manual.

2. Everyone on Rainmeter Widget can be used for Widget was installed in the Rainmeter directory (from Originally is located in the directory area documents under Windows).

Use Widget Type Music bar, first we need to download Fountain of colors – Select the latest version – then in the column financial assets Choose the second option (Files with .rmskin format) for download Files do you want.

3. When it is downloaded, open it Files that. Make sure that in the column Skins, Opportunity Widget that you are going to install has been verified. For additional components (such as Plugins), adapt to your needs (may or may not be checked).

If you want to run right now Widget after installation – then check the column Load the supplied skins. If you like it – click the button To install to install Widget that you downloaded earlier.

4. After the installation Widget appears automatically in Desktop Your windows page. To ensure, that Widget already installed, play some music so it can show the shape of the visualization.

You can also move the position from Widgetby pressing on it and then moving it to the desired position.

5. How to make settings from Widget the musical visuals you want – click left button on mouse twice at the position of Widgetit to bring up a new page in the form of settings Widgets – Or it could be fromclick correctly in position Widgets – then choose option Options.

6. In the Options section you can change the appearance of the Music visualizer according to your requirements. In the following, the functions that can be used in options can be defined as follows:

  • Tapes : Behave bar that appears on Widget
  • Bar width : Width of each bar
  • gap : Distance between bar
  • height : Maximum height of each bar (maximum)
  • Minimum. height : Minimum height of each bar
  • Turning back : Change the position of the visual settings (example: drum / hit dominant visualization in the left position, if invert, moves to the right position)
  • colour (single specification & has 1 color gradient): Color settings for graphics
  • Left-right dissolve : Visual composition between left and right part
  • Mixing up and down : Visual composition between above and below
  • crossing : Stop switching between music
  • Opacity multiplier : A multiple of the visible value of the object
  • Lower and upper opacity : Show object (both above and below)
  • sensitivity : Sensitivity to visualization and music
  • continuity : Creates the visual reappearance effect (echo)
  • Attack speed : Speed ​​of visualization of music
  • Decay rate : Gives the visualization an interrupted effect
  • Min. & Max. Frequency : Upper and lower limit of the visualization for recording the music frequency
  • FFT : Transformation of the music frequency
  • Channels, ports and devices : Settings for sound / music source
  • Copy skin : Make a duplicate of an existing visual

7. If you want to remove Widget from Desktop Window – click right on Widget want to delete – then select the option Download skins.


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