How to display FPS in Android games without root & root

How to view FPS in root and no root Android games

How to display FPS in Android games without root & root – FPS (Frames Per Second) in games is the number of frames generated or displayed within 1 second by applications running on Android. FPS is usually used as a reference to measure the smoothness of the game.

The higher the FPS achieved in the game, the smoother the gameplay will be. The number of FPS that can be displayed depends on the specifications of the Android used. The higher the Android specification, the higher the FPS number.

To view FPS on Android devices, you can use different methods depending on the type of device you are using. With the latest devices, especially Android 10, you can view FPS via functions in the system or the built-in game booster.

For devices that don’t have this feature, you can now use the following method to find out the number of FPS games for both devices, especially for Android smartphones that are not rooted or already rooted.

How to view FPS in rooted Android games

The first way is for a rooted Android device. Here’s an easy way to find out the number of FPS, or frames per second, on a rooted Android smartphone.

1. First of all, download and install GLtools from the link below using the normal method and allow Magisk or Super SU root access. When the installation is complete, the Android device will restart automatically.

2. Please open the Gltools application already installed and select the game you want to display the FPS number for.

How to view FPS in rooted Android games

3rd Next, check the option Enable custom settings for this app. In the section Use FPS counter Please switch from deactivate to On the screen.

  • FPS update delay (ms): To set the FPS change time per ms, 150 ms means that the FPS change occurs every 0.15 seconds.
  • FPS location: To determine the FPS location, the FPS will be shown in the upper right corner by default, please change it as you like.
How to view FPS in rooted Android games

Done, please press again and the settings will be saved automatically. After that, run the game to see the number of FPS that can be viewed.

How to view FPS on Android without root

For Android devices or smartphones that do not have root access, please use the following method to easily view FPS.

1. Please download the Game Booster application from the link below and please install it as usual.

2. After the installation, please open the Game Booster application and select the second tab. Please activate the option in the FPS monitor menu FPS display.

This menu is also where you set the FPS display based on the color and size of the FPS that appear in the corner of the screen.

How to view FPS in Android games without root

3rd Then the application permissions are displayed. Please allow the Game Booster application to appear on top of other applications.

Done and FPS will automatically appear in the top right corner of the screen. This rootless method sometimes shows the number of FPS that does not match the game, so it is recommended to use the root method on Android smartphones that are already rooted.

The last word

Well, this is the tutorial on how to easily view FPS on Android root and without root. Now the number of FPS in games set with GLtools and Game Booster is displayed. Okay, that’s all for this tutorial, good luck and hopefully it’s useful.

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